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March 22, 2018

Holy Trinity Monastery(Agia Triada) Romeiko Glyko NV

Have been fortunate in my travels to experience carpe diem moments and some. As wine is culturally part of the broader picture including history, geology, climate […]
January 20, 2018

With no sacrifice to regional typicity

Mitravelas Estate Neméa 2016 When we asked for a glass of white to be followed by red – go ahead suprise us, the sommelier eyes smiled. […]
January 5, 2018

The terroir conundrum

Crete has many grape varieties more white than red. As interest for discovering indigenous grapes grows those planted 1980’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have been uprooted. […]
December 21, 2017

Will this grape become a darling of climate change?

The circumstances of my first encounter with Limniona were unusual. Not in a winery but in an institute. Namely: the Vine and Wine Institute in Athens. […]
December 16, 2017

Intriguingly different

Santorini is an improbable vineyard. My esteemed colleague Andrew Jefford succinctly puts it ‘the world’s most pronounced terroir wines’. There are numerous reasons why and not […]
December 7, 2017

Stalking ancient vines: the revelation of Réthymno

Few places can match the historic importance of Rethymno, yet for 30 odd years it has been off the radar. The hinterland is rich with near-forgotten […]
December 7, 2016
Douloufakis Sparkling Brut

Natures call

As a steward of the land Nikos Douloufakis takes the long view The conversion to organic viticulture is now in its second decade Rootstock clonal selection […]
September 28, 2016

One of Crete’s trump cards

Standing at a road side fruit stall In the distance a banana plantation Behind me a sandy beach leading to a dense palm forest like no […]
May 24, 2016
Alexakis Kariki (Assyrtiko-Athiri)

A find

Stelios Alexakis has for decades been a towering standardsetting figure in wine Nationwide colleagues hold him in high esteem for his longlasting professionalism If you are […]
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